Our Expertise



Integrated Marketing Communications

Practically anyone can create something “viral” – but the real trick is how to communicate a specific message to a specific audience to initiate a specific behavior. More than sheer entertainment value, proper Integrated Marketing Communications weave strategy, marketing, creative executions and PR into one unified, effective (and cost-efficient) campaign.

ATL Campaigns (Print, TV, Radio, OOH)

Agencies big and small have scrambled to re-market themselves as digital-ready players, but the gold standard for marketing effectivity will always be in how they conduct the venerable Above-The-Line campaign. Perk believes that its “big agency” ATL expertise can be used in whatever scale necessary to enhance a client’s brand campaign.

Brand & Creative Strategy

The short term, “pitch every project” strategy currently favored by the industry may be cost-effective, but Perk believes it leads to long-term brand health problems. For a brand to grow effectively, it requires consistent, long-range strategic thinking – a skill Perk has developed through its collective experience with well-established brands.


Collaterals (Posters, Flyers, Merchandising Materials)

Perk believes the success of collats depend upon the proper execution of the concept to fit the unique needs of the material – eye level, word count, color scheme, etc.

Space and Environment (Museum, In-Store)

It’s one of the ultimate expressions of design – the creative manipulation of an environment to convey mood and encourage buying behavior.

Product & Packaging

Visibility, practicality, product clarity, and brand discipline – packaging design operates with its own specific strategic criteria. Here are some examples of work we’ve carried through from design to final product.


From annual reports to full coffee table books, Perk has completed a number of publication projects, each one with their own requirements and special considerations.



Consumer Communications

We know how challenging it can be to connect with your audience. So, we brainstorm, analyze and synthesize data to come up with the perfect messages that will be delivered strategically at the right time.

Crises & Issues Management

We can help you hurdle unexpected corporate challenges and crises through calculated, tactical communications and stakeholder management.

Influencer Marketing & Management

Influencers are today’s best brand ambassadors. These third party endorsers are highly-esteemed for their honest reviews, compelling content and sentiments. By maximizing their reach, influencers can easily persuade their followers and those within their circle to patronize a brand.

Media & Blogger Relations

Media and blogger relations are one of our key strengths. We recognize that the media and bloggers are increasingly trusted for their opinions and viewpoints in this ever evolving media landscape so we partner with them for various campaigns.

Media Events

We can organize seamless media events and product launches from inception to execution.


Social Media & Community Management

Need a sound social media strategy? Our team can implement insightful social media strategies and content that will engage consumers.

Digital Advertising

Promote your brand online – the smart way. We can help you target the right customers by leveraging on the relevant digital channels using creative content and messaging.

Website Development

Our team can design and develop responsive websites with exceptional user experience and adaptive content.